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Kinematic bodies not working properly?

Apr 6, 2011 at 9:30 AM

Hello all, and thanks in advance.

I'm not sure if this problem actually comes from errors in box2d.XNA or in my own code but i'd appreciate any help.

So, that is:

I'm writing a quite simple platformed game, where a character is represented by combining a box and a wheel bodies connected by a revolute joint. The wheel turns to move the character and it also acts as a sensor, so when a contact between the wheel and anything else occures the character is considered to be on the ground and therefore is able to walk and jump. If an impulse computed during the postsolve event of a contact involving a character is more than some value then the character receives some damage. There are also some platforms represented by kinematic objects moving up and down. So the problem is, if a character falls onto a kinematic platform while it moves downwards, no contact between platform and wheel body occures (but there is a contact between the platform and the box body of the character), no damage received, and the character shakes wierdly and can't move (even if wheel is spinning). After the platform begins moving upwards the contact finally occures as it should've done when the character actually fell.