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by BadCorporateLogo
Oct 16, 2010
5:11 PM

Being evaluated

Upgrade revision 57274 to XNA Game Studio 4.0.

Fixed the Box2D.XNA project files to import the XNA Game Studio build targets. These are needed for building content (wasn't useful in this case) and for resolving references in Xbox 360 projects. Also, it helps Game Studio perform a proper upgrade... I discovered the missing imports after the upgrade messed-up the Xbox project.

This is the minimal changes required to get stuff building and running with XNA Framework 4.0. Aside from a few API changes, I also included some missing files in the Xbox 360 projects.

Patch against revision 57274.


by deemen
Jun 17, 2010
4:37 PM

Being evaluated

(Sorry I posted this in the issue tracker too)


I discovered this bug when swapping the collision filter of some fixtures between timesteps. Contacts which are supposed to be filtered out are removed immediately, however new contacts are not formed with the changed collision group. I fixed this by adding two lines to SetFilterData in the Fixture.cs class (patch included). Basically it marks the next time step as having new fixtures (so it will check contacts at the start of the frame) and buffer's the fixture as "moved" so it gets looked at by the broadphase.



by JJC1138
Feb 3, 2010
1:26 AM

Being evaluated

Hello. This patch is a port of the non-convex polygon decomposition code from the Box2D Contributions/Utilities/ConvexDecomposition folder (ported from Box2D SVN r53). Thanks! - Jon


by genbox
Dec 30, 2009
10:39 PM


* Cleans the namespaces to include only what is needed.
* Converts List<> to arrays
* Fixes bug in bridgetest
* Fixes bug in raycasttest
* Reintroduced const keyword on constants like in Box2D

Applied Jan 5, 2010: Nice finds, those tests now work how they are supposed to. The const keyword is good too, not sure why we didn't keep it there to begin with. The List<> to array should be good, but probably won't make a huge perf difference. List<T> is highly optimized and the way we use it there isn't much difference other than a small amount of working set overhead compared to array. Either way, we might as well be as bare-bones as possible in the contact solver since it is the hot path.


by genbox
Dec 31, 2009
2:21 PM


Fixed TOI and GJK calls in testbed tests

Probably has to be applied before patch #4775 for lest amount of conflicts.

Applied Jan 5, 2010: Looks good, simple clean up.


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